Direct Equity

You can acquire your stake in any company or startup

Risk- High   Returns- Depends

Real Estate

Real Estate is considered as one of the best Traditional Investment

Returns- 15-20Percent

Initial Public Offerings

Must Have Demat Account for this. Have Moderate Or High Risk Sometimes. Returns Can be Unexpected

Post Office Monthly Income Scheme

Investment Period -  Minimum 5 years No Risk Returns- 7.7 Percent

Mutual Funds

Investment Period- In most of  the cases Lock period of 3 years Risk Is sometimes High and sometimes Low Return is Linked to Market

Public Provident Fund (PPF)

Investment Period-  15 years No Risk Returns- 7.9 Returns


Can give up to 25 % return, Depends on Market Inflation

Bank Fixed Deposits

Low Risk , Fixed Returns Depends on Bank to Bank