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Invisible Man is a classic novel written by Ralph Ellison and first published in 1952. The book is a coming-of-age story that follows the life of an unnamed African American man who lives in the South during the early 20th century.


The book opens with the protagonist, who remains nameless throughout the story, living in an underground hideout in a building that has been converted into a boiler room. The protagonist is a young African American man who has recently been expelled from college for an incident that is not revealed until later in the story. The protagonist is forced to live underground as he fears for his safety, having angered powerful figures within the African American community

Is Only Being Physically Not Visible Is The Only Way To Be Invisible ?

In the novel “Invisible Man,” the author refers to the main character as the “invisible man” because the man is not literally invisible, but rather he is invisible in the sense that he is marginalized and ignored by society. The character is a Black man who is constantly discriminated against and denied opportunities because of his race

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Invisible Man Characters

Here are some of the main characters from Ralph Ellison‘s novel “Invisible Man”:

  1. The narrator/Invisible Man – The protagonist of the novel, a young black man who struggles to find his identity and place in society.
  2. Brother Jack – The leader of the Brotherhood, a political organization that the narrator joins
  3. Dr. Bledsoe – The president of the narrator’s college, who initially appears to be a mentor to the narrator but later reveals himself to be corrupt and self-serving
  4. Mary Rambo – A kind and maternal figure who takes care of the narrator when he is sick and homeless
  5. Tod Clifton – A member of the Brotherhood who becomes disillusioned with the organization and ultimately dies tragically

Invisible Man Summary

“Invisible Man” is a novel by Ralph Ellison published in 1952. The story is narrated by an unnamed African American man who describes his experiences growing up in the South, attending college in the North, and eventually becoming an “invisible” member of society

The narrator is expelled from college after an incident with a white trustee, and he moves to Harlem to try to find work. He is soon recruited by a group called the Brotherhood, which claims to be fighting for social justice. The narrator becomes a member and is sent to Harlem to organize the local community. However, he begins to realize that the Brotherhood is more concerned with its own power than with helping the people it claims to represent

The narrator’s disillusionment with the Brotherhood is mirrored by his own personal struggles with identity and belonging. He is constantly trying to fit in with the white-dominated society, but he is always reminded of his race and the limitations it places on him. The narrator also struggles with the legacy of his ancestors and the role of African Americans in American society

Throughout the novel, the narrator is searching for his own identity and purpose. He finally realizes that he can only find these things by accepting his invisibility and using it as a tool for his own liberation. In the final scene of the novel, the narrator retreats to an underground hideout, where he plans to chart his own course and make his own way in the world

Ellison’s novel is a powerful exploration of race, identity, and the struggle for equality in America

Key Takeaways of Invisible Man

Here are some key takeaways from the novel:

  1. The main character’s invisibility is symbolic of the ways in which black people are often overlooked and marginalized in society
  2. The novel explores the tension between the individual and the group. The main character struggles to find his own identity while also being part of a larger community of black Americans
  3. The main character experiences discrimination not only from white people but also from other black people who have different ideas about what it means to be black
  4. The novel critiques the notion of the American Dream, which promises success and upward mobility for all but often only benefits a select few
  5. The novel shows the power dynamics at play in American society. The main character is often at the mercy of those in positions of power, whether they are white or black.

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Invisible Man Author

The author of “Invisible Man” is Ralph Ellison. He was an American novelist, literary critic, and scholar born in 1914 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and passed away in 1994. Ellison is best known for his novel “Invisible Man,” which was published in 1952 and won the National Book Award in 1953

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Invisible Man Review

“Invisible Man” is a rich and complex work of literature that invites readers to reflect on the ways in which race and identity shape our experiences and interactions within society. The novel’s enduring relevance and significance make it a must-read for anyone interested in the history of race relations in the United States

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The narrator goes into hiding and reflects on his experiences. He realizes that he has been invisible to everyone, including himself. He decides to embrace his invisibility and use it to his advantage. The book ends with the narrator stating that he is not a symbol but a man, and he will continue to fight for his rights.


Who wrote “Invisible Man”?

Ralph Ellison wrote “Invisible Man.”

When was “Invisible Man” published?

“Invisible Man” was published in 1952.

What is “Invisible Man” about?

“Invisible Man” is about an unnamed African American narrator who struggles to find his identity in a society that sees him as invisible

What are the main themes of “Invisible Man”?

The main themes of “Invisible Man” are race, identity, and power dynamics

Why is “Invisible Man” an important book?

“Invisible Man” is an important book because it explores the African American experience in America and highlights the struggles of the community. The book is a powerful metaphor for the invisibility that African Americans face in society and how they are treated as second-class citizens