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Are you looking for an exciting dystopian novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat? Look no further than “Divergent” by Veronica Roth. This young adult novel is set in a post-apocalyptic Chicago where society is divided into five factions based on virtues. Our protagonist, Tris Prior, must navigate this world and discover her true identity while also battling a rebellion


This novel set in a dystopian world where society is strictly divided into factions based on virtues, the novel follows Tris Prior, a 16-year-old girl who must navigate the dangers of a society that does not tolerate individuality. Through her journey, Tris discovers her true identity, falls in love, and becomes a leader in a rebellion that challenges the very foundation of her society

What does It Mean to Truly Be Selfless ?

To truly be selfless means to act without any expectation of personal gain or benefit. It involves putting the needs and desires of others before your own, without seeking any recognition or reward in return.

Selflessness requires empathy and compassion for others, and a willingness to make sacrifices for their well-being. It often involves acts of kindness, generosity, and service to others, whether it be in small or large ways.

Being selfless can also involve letting go of personal desires and attachments, and being able to forgive and show understanding towards others, even when it may be difficult

Let’s dive more deeply into this question through the help of this novel’s storyline.

Divergent Book Quotes

Divergent Book Characters

Here are some of the main characters and a brief description of each:

Tris Prior The protagonist of the series, Tris is a young girl who leaves her family to join the Dauntless faction
Four (Tobias Eaton) One of Tris’s fellow initiates in the Dauntless faction, Four is a strong and enigmatic young man who becomes Tris’s love interest
Jeanine MatthewsThe main antagonist of the series, Jeanine is the leader of the Erudite faction
Caleb PriorTris’s older brother, Caleb joins the Erudite faction and becomes involved in Jeanine’s plans to eliminate the Divergent
Divergent Book Characters

Divergent Book Summary

“Divergent” is a young adult novel by Veronica Roth. The story is set in a dystopian world where society is divided into five factions, each emphasizing a particular virtue: Abnegation (selflessness), Amity (peacefulness), Candor (honesty), Dauntless (bravery), and Erudite (intelligence).

The protagonist, Beatrice Prior, lives in Abnegation but feels out of place among her faction due to her independent and curious nature. When she turns sixteen, she must take an aptitude test to determine which faction she belongs to. However, her results are inconclusive, which means she is “Divergent” and possesses traits from multiple factions.

Beatrice chooses to join Dauntless, the faction known for their bravery and physical prowess. She changes her name to Tris and begins the initiation process, which is a series of tests designed to weed out the weak. Tris struggles to keep up with the physical demands of the initiation, but she is helped by her trainer, Four, who also happens to be Divergent.

As Tris and Four grow closer, they uncover a sinister plot by the Erudite faction to take over the government and eliminate the Divergent population. Tris and Four, along with other members of Dauntless and the factionless (those who do not belong to any faction), band together to stop the Erudite’s plan and save their city.

The book ends with a cliffhanger, as Tris and her friends discover the truth about their society and must decide how to act on it

Key Takeaways of Divergent

Here are some key takeaways from the book:

In the world of “Divergent,” conformity is highly valued, and anyone who deviates from their assigned faction risks being ostracized or even killed
The factions in “Divergent” are based on specific personality traits, but the characters are not one-dimensional
The faction system in “Divergent” was created with good intentions, but it has become corrupted by those in power
The leaders of the factions use fear to maintain control over their citizens
Key Takeaways of Divergent

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Divergent Novel Author

Veronica Roth is the author of the novel “Divergent.” She is an American writer born on August 19, 1988, in New York City. Roth studied creative writing at Northwestern University, where she wrote the manuscript for “Divergent” during her senior year. The novel was published in 2011 and quickly became a best-seller

Divergent Novel Genre

The novel “Divergent” by Veronica Roth is a young adult dystopian science fiction novel. It is set in a future society that is divided into factions based on specific virtues, with a strong emphasis on conformity and the dangers of diverging from societal norms. The novel explores themes of identity, power, control, and rebellion

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Divergent Book Review

“Divergent” is a well-written and engaging novel that will appeal to fans of the young adult dystopian genre. The themes and characters are thought-provoking and memorable, and the novel is sure to leave a lasting impression on readers. Highly recommended for fans of the genre

Divergent Book Price In India

“Divergent” is available on Amazon India . The Price of the Novel is 340/- The price may vary depending on the format (e.g. paperback, hardcover, Kindle edition)

Divergent Book Price In U.S

“Divergent” is also available on Amazon U.S . The Price of the Novel is $9.06 The price may vary depending on the format (e.g. paperback, hardcover, Kindle edition)

Divergent Audiobook

Audiobook of “Divergent” is available on Audible.in. The price of this version is $16.95 You can also find it on various audiobook platforms such as Google Play Books, and iTunes

Link of Audiobook : Divergent


“Divergent” is a captivating novel that explores important themes of identity, rebellion, and individuality. Through the eyes of our protagonist Tris Prior, we see the dangers of blindly following societal expectations and the power of independent thought and action. With a thrilling plot, relatable characters, and important themes, “Divergent” is a must-read for fans of dystopian fiction and young adult novels


Is “Divergent” a good book?

Yes, “Divergent” is a highly engaging and well-written novel that explores important themes of identity, rebellion, and individuality

What age group is “Divergent” appropriate for?

“Divergent” is a young adult novel and is appropriate for readers ages 13 and up

Is “Divergent” part of a series?

Yes, “Divergent” is the first book in a trilogy, followed by “Insurgent” and “Allegiant.”

Is “Divergent” a dystopian novel?

Yes, “Divergent” is a dystopian novel set in a post-apocalyptic Chicago where society is strictly divided into factions

Who wrote “Divergent”?

“Divergent” was written by Veronica Roth and was published in 2011

Is there a movie adaptation of “Divergent”?

Yes, “Divergent” was adapted into a film in 2014, starring Shailene Woodley as Tris Prior

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